Friday, February 23, 2007

Why IntelliJ IDEA Customers Keep Coming Back

Brian Pontarelli has a passion for the keyboard and makes some good points about usability and support in regards to Java IDEs, specifically IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse. The comments after the main post are especially interesting, such as where some commenters argue over whether a reported issue counts as either a severe bug or a missing feature. I mean, come on. Does it really matter? The point is that it interferes with Brian's experience of usability and productivity. I've been saying it for a while: It's not about feature lists, it's about usability and productivity. You won't find usability or productivity on a feature list, but it can easily be the most important deciding factor on whether or not to choose one piece of software over another. JBuilder was marketed on the length of its feature list, and look where it got them.


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